Who are Astralis?

Simply put, they’re the first player owned CSGO esports team and in the early part of 2017 they blew away CSGO with a string of incredible performances putting them out front in everyone’s books.

Founded in January 2016 by former players of Team SoloMid/Questionmark, Astralis were a major team but there was always a whiff of them choking right when it counted. Time after time after time the Astralis semi-final curse struck, something dumb happens in play and bang, Astralis blow it again.

So what made the big difference at the end of 2016 to turned Astralis around and make them the best CSGO crew in the world?

There are two very big possibilities. The first is the transfer of founder karrigan for new captain and tactical genius gla1ve. Sure, before gla1ve, Astralis had performed well, but after gla1ve arrives, suddenly this is a team suddenly nailing major after major. The second possibility might just be a certain Mia Stellberg, team psychologist who has been credited with giving this team the ability to finally break their semi-finals curse.

Astralis Roster

Xyp9x – Andreas Hojsleth

Dev1ce – Nocolai Reedtz

Dupreeh – Peter Rothman

Kjaerbye – Markus Kjaebye

Gla1ve – Lucas Rossander – Captain


$1,481,868 total prize money (as May 2017)

December 2016 saw Astralis kick it into high gear, with three massive wins in a row; Esports Championship Series Season 2 (Dec 2016 $250,000), ELEAGUE Major 2017 (Jan 2017 $500,000), Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2017 (Mar 2017 $104,000). Everything was on for a fourth at April’s StarLadder i-League Star Series Season 3 but a stunning final, the repeat of IEM Katowice with Astralis and FaZe matching each other step for step saw FaZe Clan victorious.

But that’s surely just a blip for Astralis, who look near unbeatable and whether that’s down to gla1ve, their sports psychologist or just everything coming great at just the right time, we’re going to enjoy this amazing team play CSGO.

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Who are Astralis?

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