Who are Vici Gaming?

Ok then, who are VGJ?

VGJ are a new Dota2 team coming out of the established ViCi esports club of China, but they’re fresh, they’re exciting, they’re being talked up as ones to watch for the 2017 season. Oh, and they have big star backing.

Yep, VGJ stands for ViCi Gaming Jeremy. And the Jeremy is Jeremy Lin, USA NBA superstar basketball player. In 2016, ViCi and Lin signed an endorsement deal making Lin the honorary captain of this new team.

But superstar endorsements really mean nothing without the results to back it all up. And so far, 2017 has seen team VGJ make a big splash in the world of Dota2. They’ve not so much hit the ground running as rampaging.

VGJ certainly come at the right time for ViCi Gaming, as the main ViCi Gaming team haven’t had anything like a great season since their high point of 2014. They’re down to 13th in world standings, 4th in China and look like a spent force.

But esports is all about the young upstarts challenging the old guard. VGJ are sitting at 18th in the world, 5th in China right now but it’s not going to be long before VGJ begin that relentless march upwards. The team name might scream celebrity vanity project but the team are way more than that.

VGJ Roster 2017:

  • Bai “rOtk” Fan.
  • Sun “Agressif” Zheng
  • Liu “Freeze” Chang.
  • Xu “fy” Linsen.
  • Lu “Fenrir” Chao.
  • And then there’s the honorary captain… Jeremy Lin


So far in 2017, VGJ have been taking on the established names at the big tournaments and delivering.

5th-8th place finish at the April 2017 Kiev Majors ($125,000 prize money)

5th-6th in April 2017s Dota2 Professional League Season 3 ($2177)

7th-8th at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 ($18,359).

Smart money says VGJ have the lot; a great organisation behind them, a fresh start, huge potential, a team eager to win, and all that means we think you’ll be seeing VGJ do great things in 2017. The old ViCi Gaming team seems done, but VGJ looks set to step into their place and do even better.

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Who are Vici Gaming?

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